What is Digital Patterning?

Digital Patterning is a faster and more profitable than legacy manual patterning.  It is different than legacy manual patterning because it uses a 100% digital workflow that includes:  

  • Piece creation,
  • 3D to 2D flattening,
  • 2D Pattern development,
  • Nesting,
  • Costing, and
  • Drawings and documentation

Who are we?

We are a media initiative serving the interests of companies transitioning from legacy manual pattern making to digital pattern making. Our efforts are supported by collective of businesses involved in the digital patterning workflow.  This web-site is sponsored and maintained by Tri-D Technologies, makers of ExactFlat.

Why is this important to companies?

Digital pattern is going mainstream.  Business though out the word, of all sizes are adopting digital patterning to improve profitability and business operations.  Advances in digital patterning have made it:

  • Easier to learn
  • Faster to implement
  • Faster to make changes and edits, and
  • More profitable then legacy manual  pattern making

What can you expect?

  • New content every Tuesday & Thursday
  • Articles, case studies, videos, best practices, company interviews

Content suggestions?

Our goal is to serve industry needs.  If there is content you would like to see. Send us an email and we will take a look.

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