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Beware "3D Imposters"

As many of you know Digital is edited by the team at ExactFlat, the leading provider of digital patterning software solutions.   In a recent conversation with a subscriber one of our experts was asked to explain why we felt that ExactFlat was the best pre-production tool for the Textiles and Fashion industry.    The answer was a simple, one word response, Time.

What's the problem anyway?

Shorter production cycles and smaller lot size per production run.  Custom and On-demand client requirements.  Zero Inventory Production.   Shrinking numbers of skilled patternmakers.   All of these factors put pressure on the productivity and profitability of Textile and Fashion product manufacturers.   And 3D Digital Patterning software provides the best way to address these pressure and remain competitive.  The question has quickly changed from "should we transition our business to digital" to "how do we decide which digital design and patterning solution is right for us?"

Great question.  There are lots of options and just as many workflow and technical differences between them.  But the only aspect that really matters is time.

  1. The Time it takes to convert your 3D design into production ready pattern pieces.  ExactFlat can do this in minutes.
  2. The Time it takes to add or edit the pattern details (seams, notches, labels, etc..) Since ExactFlat has edge associations, a change on one edge shows up on the other instantly.
  3. The Time it takes to print and cut.                                                                                   If you use pre-printed fabrics then you need work through the tedious flow matching process.  With ExactFlat you can by pass this be printing and cutting in the same process.

So the only real difference between ExactFlat and all of the other next generation digital patterning tools is Time.  But, since "time is MONEY" you could say that the difference Money.  

If you want to make more money, then you need to take a closer look at ExactFlat.