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Beware "3D Imposters"

Beware "3D Imposters"

As most of you know Digital is edited by the team at ExactFlat, the leading provider of 3D digital patterning software.   Our mission is to help manufacturers in the textiles and fashion industries increase customer satisfaction and profitability by making the transition to digital.   3D digital design, and patterning solutions are disrupting the way fabric and leather goods are made. And the team at ExactFlat is working hard everyday to ensure that our clients get maximum advantage from these tools.

Recently,  a subscriber asked one of our experts to help him understand why ExactFlat solutions were the best choice.   The answer was simple, "Most of those companies are 3D Imposters. Their solutions and workflows are nice but the don't really help you to optimize your entire team and process.  The optimization is what leads to the dramatic reductions in Production Time and increases in Profitability that you're looking for."

Time is money/profitability .  Don't waste yours.  Make the transition to digital and begin to automate your patterning and production processes today.

Time is money/profitability.  Don't waste yours.  Make the transition to digital and begin to automate your patterning and production processes today.

What's the problem anyway?

Shorter production cycle times.  Smaller lot sizes.  Increased requests for custom product.  On demand and Zero Inventor Production.   All of these external pressures are impacting the profitability of Textile and Fashion product manufacturers.

Given these challenges the question is no longer "should we transition to digital?"  Instead manufactures like the subscriber who was speaking with our expert are asking "how do we determine which 3D digital patterning solution is best for us?"

Great question.  There are lots of options and even more workflow and technical differences between them.   Fortunately, the only aspect that really needs to be considered is time. Specifically, the time it takes to:

  1. convert 3D designs into 2D production-ready pattern pieces.  ExactFlat can flatten almost any shape  in minutes.
  2. add or edit the pattern details (seams, notches, labels, etc..)     Since ExactFlat has edge associations, a change on one edge is reflected on the corresponding edge instantly.
  3. switch between sizes and styles.  With ExactFlat your designers can build the sizes and style variations right in the 3D design model and make changes with a single click.

To maximize the benefits your 3D digital tools should be implemented at the begin of the design-to-manufacturing process.   This way the 3D model automatically captures information regarding the details of the design as well as the relationships between the pattern pieces and/or hardware components.    Forcing designers and pattern makers to add this vital data manually or later in the process is almost as wasteful as using non-digital methods.

Complex or custom doesn't equal "Expensive" anymore.

The idea that complex or custom garments, which are exactly what consumers want, are too expensive to manufacture is old thinking.  It's based on reliance on legacy garment making processes. 

Making the transition to 3D digital design, patterning and fabrication is essential for continued growth and competitiveness.  What's equally important is ensuring that you pick the right 3D partner.   If you want to save time and make more money, then you need to take a closer look at ExactFlat.  Click on the link below to speak with one of our experts.


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